Outermost Threat

Winterhaven and Padreg.

Where is splug?

We began our contract with the Blitzkreig crew on a mission to Winterhaven; Oberon, Carrots, Parn, Rutherford and I. Found out from the town leader, a man named Padreg, that the trade route for their town kept getting harassed by goblins and kobolds. A ways from Winterhaven we found a crumbling seemingly ancient keep, and decided to go inside. Low and behold it was full of goblins and kobolds. Upon entering Carrots and I fell into a pit trap and he broke his leg. We left the keep and took Carrots to the inn in Winterhaven to recover. We went back to the keep minus one team member. Fighting our way through the keep, we stumbled upon the prison cells and came across a goblin called Splug. We freed the prisoner after he agreed to help us infiltrate the king goblins quarters. We then killed the goblin king and finally left the Wretched place only to find zombies were attacking Winterhaven and that Carrots had died from his wounds. We defeated the zombies and came upon their leader, he was the captain of the city guard! After his defeat we found a note that led us to believe that something more was threatening the town. We returned to the keep only to venture further into its depths. Settled contract in winterhaven with lord Padreg. Obtained farmhouse and set up Splug to farm and brew beer.


BlakeHamilton urbanyeti01

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