Outermost Threat

SeaBreath Beginnings and the Animal Folk.

Got to the city of Seabreathe and recruited Al Deshua, Rutherford was framed for murder, later was absolved of murder charges. Rutherford abandoned the party.

Did some shopping and got a lantern placed behind my eyes, while the shop keep was working on me Parn came one step closer to finding out what gets me inebriated.

We began Battling in the arena for coin and fame, new title for group is FREE BEER!

After one arena battle we had a big party at Al Deshuas manor, when we woke the next day there were some raggamuffins still at our house so we kicked them out (rather forcefully) After which we found the house ransacked and a note from a group called the Fire Bats, we found them at the Red Dragon Inn and Beat them in a duel and the town guard brought our lost property back to us.

Also got word from Splug that he is brewing, farming and is prospering!

Met a man in the temple district who was nameless and we meditated with him for a bit. My vision was odd
I traced the outlines of my friends with geometric shapes but when I got to Parn somehow I was unable to trace him in my mind, a tinge of sadness fell over me. Al Deshua saw a vision of open fields and it made him feel calm. We asked Our new friend what Al Deshuas vision could have been and he told us of a peaceful land in the plains where sentient gazelles have appeared. We conviced our new friend (who we refer to as Dongle) to take us to this place and because of Oberon and his silver tongue we are allowed to bring our weapons, hopefully we won’t have to use them.


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