Outermost Threat

Free Beer Finds the Perfect Brew
Even alcoholics have aspirations!

Upon discovering he has a knack for brewing, Pillar wants to set out to find the great old brewmeister and study at the brewery on Frostbite Peak. The adventurers make their way onto the mountain unmolested, shortly up the climb though they are attacked by a pack of hunting frost goblins. After dispatching several of them and allowing a few to live, they take the leader back to his goblin cave and Parn heals him of his shattered pelvis. Oberron is clever and rude, but the party is still able to persuade the goblins into a ceasefire.

When they make it to the top of the mountain after Parn has a bout with frostbite, the friendly Raskshasa Tuck welcomes the party into his home. He reveals to Pillar that he has a set up for his magnum opus of brews, but needs some strong men to acquire some ingredients, as well as an ice elemental to provide a refrigerant. The party captures an Icicle Swarm for Tuck, but as soon as he can say thanks he bids them off to find his secret ingredient…magical hops that grow in the highest sunny patch of the mountain. This would have proved easy enough were it not for a blizzard dragon guarding the field with his freezing minions.

Of course the party was able to overcome this young dragon, and the frost hawk that attacked them was taken back bound in rope, and a great branch of the bush was broken off and returned to Tuck. Over the coming weeks the adventures had the nearest thing to a vacation at Tuck’s house as Parn made sure to study the brewery in all mechanical aspects while Pillar acted as an apprentice to Tuck through the course of his master brew. Meanwhile, Oberron was busy with some moderate psychological torture in order to make the frost hawk his new mount.

At the end of roughly four weeks the group was finally able to drink the rich, creamy cocoa stout that was Tuck’s masterpiece. With a cask of the brew for themselves they set off back towards the plains, and unknown mystery, intrigue, and battles.

SeaBreath Beginnings and the Animal Folk.

Got to the city of Seabreathe and recruited Al Deshua, Rutherford was framed for murder, later was absolved of murder charges. Rutherford abandoned the party.

Did some shopping and got a lantern placed behind my eyes, while the shop keep was working on me Parn came one step closer to finding out what gets me inebriated.

We began Battling in the arena for coin and fame, new title for group is FREE BEER!

After one arena battle we had a big party at Al Deshuas manor, when we woke the next day there were some raggamuffins still at our house so we kicked them out (rather forcefully) After which we found the house ransacked and a note from a group called the Fire Bats, we found them at the Red Dragon Inn and Beat them in a duel and the town guard brought our lost property back to us.

Also got word from Splug that he is brewing, farming and is prospering!

Met a man in the temple district who was nameless and we meditated with him for a bit. My vision was odd
I traced the outlines of my friends with geometric shapes but when I got to Parn somehow I was unable to trace him in my mind, a tinge of sadness fell over me. Al Deshua saw a vision of open fields and it made him feel calm. We asked Our new friend what Al Deshuas vision could have been and he told us of a peaceful land in the plains where sentient gazelles have appeared. We conviced our new friend (who we refer to as Dongle) to take us to this place and because of Oberon and his silver tongue we are allowed to bring our weapons, hopefully we won’t have to use them.

Winterhaven and Padreg.
Where is splug?

We began our contract with the Blitzkreig crew on a mission to Winterhaven; Oberon, Carrots, Parn, Rutherford and I. Found out from the town leader, a man named Padreg, that the trade route for their town kept getting harassed by goblins and kobolds. A ways from Winterhaven we found a crumbling seemingly ancient keep, and decided to go inside. Low and behold it was full of goblins and kobolds. Upon entering Carrots and I fell into a pit trap and he broke his leg. We left the keep and took Carrots to the inn in Winterhaven to recover. We went back to the keep minus one team member. Fighting our way through the keep, we stumbled upon the prison cells and came across a goblin called Splug. We freed the prisoner after he agreed to help us infiltrate the king goblins quarters. We then killed the goblin king and finally left the Wretched place only to find zombies were attacking Winterhaven and that Carrots had died from his wounds. We defeated the zombies and came upon their leader, he was the captain of the city guard! After his defeat we found a note that led us to believe that something more was threatening the town. We returned to the keep only to venture further into its depths. Settled contract in winterhaven with lord Padreg. Obtained farmhouse and set up Splug to farm and brew beer.


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